the dream girl (summersdream) wrote in flashdesigners,
the dream girl

Flash question

I'm sort of a beginner when it comes to Flash and I just saw an effect that looks really interesting, but I can't figure out how it's done. It's probably really simple, but I'm just not seeing it. 

There's a big map and when you put your mouse over a continent, then the rest of the map darkens. Is it just a rollover of some kind? Masking? A combination of the two? And how would you combine the two? 

If you could point me toward some similar tutorials, that would be great too!

The Flash package in question is here

Thank you.

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hmm in this case i guess its not that dificult (sorry im a beginner 2 ^^') i did something like this [ click on the 2nd bar, then on "vista longitudinal" and then pass the mouse over the phrases]

i didnt use mask but maybe you can, i dont think it'ss be very practical tough.
the way i did it it was, i set each phrase i wanted as a button (not movie clip) and in the button page i inserted an rectangle over the hole drawing colour white and alpha 34%. then drew the the zone over it... but as i said im no pro, and now, even just some time later i could have done this diferent. you could probably set whatever you want as a movie clip and then do action scvripting like

europe.onRollOver = over

function over(){

and play with the blur a little. that should do it ^^*

sorry dont know if that helped, heres some sites with lots of tuts (in portuguese ^^')