racketmagazine (racketmagazine) wrote in flashdesigners,

Help Wanted

Our buddies over at Guerilla Union are looking for Flash Designer/Developers who have knowledge of ActionScript 2.0 for some freelance work. Here's a bit about Guerilla Union:

Guerilla Union is a company dedicated to developing Corban ideals and independent projects including world-class music festivals, artist management, and clothing. Moreover, Guerilla Union is an artist support group. Guerilla Union has developed many strategic partnerships with some of the most recognized artists in Hip Hop including Cypress Hill, Wu-Tang Clan, and Supernatural. Guerilla Union is a manic collective of like-minded individuals committed to the pursuit of art, music, and culture. Guerilla Union's mission is to invoke change and promote self-respect. Chang Weisberg is the founder of Guerilla Union. From reuniting A Tribe Called Quest to publishing Big Pun's last article, Chang and his Guerilla Union team have been involved with shaping Hip Hop culture on the West Coast for nearly a decade.

How sweet is that? The place is located on the borders of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties in the city of San Dimas, CA. If interested, please contact Veronica@GuerillaUnion.com. Tell 'em Racket sent you.
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