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Flash designers, developers, animators and lovers

This community is here to provide a space to share your flash designs, development and animations. For asking for advice or assistance with Flash or Actionscripting. Or just plain bragging about your skills.


  • If you post something that was not done by you, please be sure to make this clear in the post.
  • It is preferable that you post your own work *most* of the time and post references to work not done by you only occasionally.
  • If your animation is large, please either just link to it or put it behind an lj cut tag.
  • You may use this community for posting flash tutorials (written by you only, otherwise you may only link to them), reviews of flash related software such as swift 3d or swish optimizer, etc., links to good flash sites, flash related message boards, anything flash.
  • There are no stupid questions here. What may seem simple to one person is possibly difficult for another.
  • This community is here to help and share with your fellow Flash lovers.
  • Constructive critisism is wonderful and should be welcomed by anyone posting their work here.
  • We don't call names or insult anyone in this community. Doing this is grounds for being kicked out of the community. If you do not agree with what another member has posted regarding a solution you may post your solution also but please do it in a non-offensive manner.
  • You may add to your post or post it again if you've changed something about the animation and want continued help or feedback. Please do not just re-post the exact same animation.
  • Lurkers are welcome too. You may join even if all you want to do is view other's flash work.